Headless WMS API

Getting started

Create an account

After you have created an account, either a free trial or a paid account, you can make use of our API. Our API is based on best practices and is therefore RESTful and data is formatted in JSON.


The first you need to do after you have created your account is to generate an API token for your account. To do this, you need to execute a POST request to following endpoint:

Make sure to use the following HTTP header:

Where the email address and password should be encoded with base64. A PHP example is:

This endpoint should return a Bearer token, make sure you save it somewhere as we are not able to retrieve it if you lose it. You should use this Bearer token for all the other API endpoints, using the following header:

PHP Client

You can use our PHP client to integrate Headless WMS with your existing application. See our Github page for the source code. To install the software you can use composer:

We are still in beta, please sign up for our free trial.